through a woman's voice

Winner:    National Communicator Awards
                  Best Radio Documentary 1998

Based on women's journals and speeches, Through a Woman's Voice is a distinctly feminine perspective of American history. From early settlement period and removal of the Cherokee through the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement, twelve women tell their stories through narration, theatrical presentation, scholarly comment and song.

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Now a 4 CD set
CD 1 and 2: 12 Portraits as they appeared on Public Radio
CD 3: Ballads only
CD 4: Companion curriculum guides by Dr. Carole Bucy

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listen  Through a Woman's Voice
listen  Anne R. Cockrill, 1787-1821 Frontier pioneer and teacher
listen  Nanye'hi (Nancy Ward), 1738-1822 Cherokee Beloved Woman
listen  Juliana Conner, 1811-1881 Wedding trip journal 1827
listen  Rebecca Neugin, 1834-1932 Survivor of the Trail of Tears
listen  Ella Sheppard Moore, 1851-1914 Fisk University Jubilee Singer
listen  L. Virginia French, 1825-1881 Civil War Journal 1860-1865
listen  Lizzie Crozier French 1851-1926 Educator, lecturer, and activis
listen  Emma Bell Miles, 1879-1919 Writer and artist
listen  Marion Griffin, 1879-1957, First woman lawyer in Tennessee
listen  Dr. May Cravath Wharton,1873-1959, Mountain doctor
listen  Bessie Smith, 1898-1937, Blues and jazz recording artist
listen  Zilphia Horton, 1910-1956, Musician and civil rights worker

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