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How Southern Women Won the Vote DVD

A musical documentary of the final battle to win voting rights for American women.

To become law, the 19th amendment had to be ratified by 36 states. By the summer of 1920, 35 states had ratified, but efforts to win the final state met with repeated failure. On August 15th, 1920, all eyes were focused on the Tennessee state legislature - the last hope of success. Sweltering inside the Capital building, legislators were deadlocked in a 48 to 48 vote. The fate of all future American women hung in the balance...

Written and produced by Candace Corrigan

Associate Producer & Artistic Director - Jeanne Kahan

The Nashville Nobody Knows presents The Nashville Dulcimer Quartet. Volume 1

The Nashville Nobody Knows, once a popular audio podcast "featuring Great music, usually found outside the mainstream media machine", presents its first video documentary, The Nashville Dulcimer Quartet, with David Schnaufer. The program includes interview and live performance of this unusual and talented quartet, as well as historical background on the appalachian dulcimer. A must for any appalachian dulcimer enthusiast.
Watch the trailer!
Here is the link to the video iPod-ready Valentine video. It was quite fun to put together. Many thanks to Cosette Collier, recording engineer at MTSU, Doc West (Great guitar playing), and John Seward and Steve Holeman for photographs.

  Why Don't You Send Me a Valentine (video iPod version)
Here are the links to the new video for If I Were Not With You. A couple of weeks ago, the artistic director of Tango Nashville Dance Troupe choreographed a lovely dance to this song. Many thanks to the musicians who were with me that night, and to the ones that played on the record (see first page credits), to the Tango Nashville Dance Troupe, to the Global Education Center, and most of all to Gene Smith of Gene Smith productions, Rich Jegen of Filmhouse, and John Seward. There may be some changes in the weeks to come, but I wanted to get this up as soon as possible.

  If I Were Not With You (lo-res, 3 MB)
  If I Were Not With You (hi-res, 7.2 MB)

If you use Windows and you don't have QuickTime, you can download it here.

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