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Note From Candace

New release on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon: O'Carolan, Songwriter

I am proud to announce the publication of a new recording of some fabulous music.

O'Carolan, 1670-1738, was a blind harper and composer who wrote tribute songs for patrons in the late baroque period, Ireland. Famous in his own time, his compositions have continued to be loved and appreciated for 275 years. O'Carolan, Songwriter is the first in a series of recordings that feature the songs/poems of O'Carolan, adapted from translations of his original Gaelic lyric into English song form by songwriters Candace Corrigan and Janne Henshaw. Lush arrangements by Sarah Wilfong, and artful performances of traditional Irish instrumentation, including celtic harp by Aislinn Gagliardi, present these well loved tunes in a new light, one that would be recognized by O'Carolan himself.

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